Beautiful Award Winning Adora Toddler  Pin-a-four Seasons  20-Inch Play Doll

The Adora Toddler Pin-a-four Seasons Doll is a special toy for all seasons. Whether it is winter, spring, summer or fall this is a great doll for your child. It has different seasonal styles and interchangeable costumes to match the time of the year. It features a contrasting pink hair bow and clear blue eyes. It comes with a Christmas tree decorated in different multi-colored lights. The complete ensemble comes with a festive red. Every bright trimming include an identical pumpkin orange dotted hair bow in white. Your daughter can enjoy long hours playing with the doll.

Adora Toddler Play Doll Features

  • Large size. The doll is 20 inches high. It is a perfect size for your young daughter to carry around your home.
  • Fully Articulated. The doll comes full articulated. It adds beauty to this toy making it loved by your young kids. The necklace and the silk headband add extra beauty. It is no further articulation needed on this toy.
  • Nice design. The choice of colors and dress makes this toy look extra beautifully. The eyes are blue with silky sand colored hair.

Baby Doll Pros

  • Very pretty baby doll
  • Cuddly, soft body to
  • Outfits for all seasons
  • Weighted for realistic baby feel includes a diaper

Baby Doll Cons

  • The doll is a little pricey if all you want is an everyday play doll. It is however on par with other specialty dolls which would melt the heart of any little girl (or boy!)

Adora Pin-a-four Seasons Play Doll Reviews

One of the recent customers who purchased the Adora Pin-a-four Season’s 20-Inch Play Doll said, “I received the doll a few weeks ago. She is a quality made, smells good and weighs like a real baby. The quality is great and the outfits are adorable. I bought it for my granddaughter and waiting to give it to her during the Christmas.”

The Adora Toddler Pin-a-four Seasons Play Doll is a beautifully designed doll with hand painted features. This would make a lovely special doll for your child as a keepsake.