Pixlplay Camera Review

Do you recall that cool smartphone you originally got 5 years ago? You probably tossed it in a drawer somewhere because that’s where all smartphones go when you get a newer version. Now, there may be a reason to bring that old smartphone back and it involves Pixlplay Camera, which is what we’re going to introduce you to in this review.

Pixl Toys developed a new way to bring those old smartphones back from the dead as an exciting 35mm style camera that the little ones can use. PixlPlay launched on Kickstarter not too long ago, and many people are already interested in it.

Pixlplay Camera

PixlPlay Keeps it Simple

What’s cool about the PixkPlay Camera is the fact that it’s not hard at all – PixlPlay has done a good job at making sure they keep it simple. Children love electronics and gadgets, but those tiny hands and feet are continuously moving, which can spell a real disaster for delicate gadgets, like the newest Samsung tablet.

With the PixlPlay, you don’t have to worry, because it will keep your phone secure and keep things simple. There’s no pairing that needs to be done, no apps you need to install and none of those aggravating configuration headaches. All you have to do is put the phone in, plug the cable into the headphone jack and hand the 35mm style toy camera over to your children. Yes, it really is that easy.

Taking Photos is Exciting

While it’s a toy, it is still exciting to use the camera to take pictures. Think about it – what child doesn’t have fun taking photos? When it comes to freezing your dog, your sibling, your cat, your parents and all of the above, there’s just something mesmerizing about it.

PixlPlay doesn’t add any complications to this formula. In fact, the more we learn about this toy camera, the more we see that it actually enhances the excitement of taking pictures.

There’s large buttons and knobs that children can turn. These buttons and knobs make it easy for a child to feel like that are professional photographers. Kid will be able to use the phone as normal through a splash-resistant, touch-sensitive protective case and simply by using the shutter button on top, they can snap photos.

Children as young as three years old can use this toy. While you aren’t required to download any apps in order to use it, there is a neat companion iOS app that will let you edit photos with frames and digital features. It works well with existing photography and camera programs. Stretch goals include a sticker sheet, activity cards and an Android application.

PixlPlay Camera will appear below when it is launched for sale 🙂


On the Pixlplay case, you’ll find the following features: Adjustable clamps for accommodating phones of different sizes, rubber handgrips, and a 3.5 mm cable that plugs into the audio jack to power the shutter button on the case. The little ones can snap photos through the phone’s build-in camera app using the shutter button, or they can take the normal route and snap photos simply by touching the screen.


Think about it – what child doesn’t enjoy taking pictures? That’s why PixlPlay has decided to develop the PixlPlay Camera and it already has a lot of attention aimed in its direction.

Pixlplay – Smartphone Wristband Holder iPhone Android Swivel & Rotation Ideal Hiking, Biking, Jogging

Pixlplay Camera picture

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tick VERSATILE USE - Great for sports, walks, running or even mount it to poles and other structures--not just the human arm. Convenient mirror helps you take take good selfies 😉
tick ADJUSTABLE BAND - Fits wrists of all sizes. Younger kids may need to wear it over a heavy winter jacket.
tick TILTING AND SWIVEL MOUNT - Removable design or simply loosen the thumb screws to adjust the angle or swivel your cell phone to take interesting photos and videos.
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Are your kids always running with iPhone or GoPro? Do you like to ski/ board, hike, bike or walk and have easy access to your phone to take photos or video? If so, the Pixlplay smartphone wristband is a compfortable way to hold your phone hands free. It’s the best iPhone and Android wristband holder ideal for: Riding a bike or motorcycle Skiing or boarding Climbing, hiking or taking a walk Exploring Fishing You can easily: Take photos or videos Access the phone for texting, phone calls, music or apps like maps Capture that perfect moment Make a movie Pixlplay smartphone wristband is not:waterproofa protective deviceintended as an armband How does it work? Simply put the Pixlplay smartphone wristband on and clamp in your smartphone to access your phone! That’s it!