Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart Review


During the Toy Fair this year (2017) we got to see many new toys being introduced at different booths. We’re not sure if you got a chance to attend it or not, but it was packed full of people and companies advertising their new and exciting toys. We couldn’t help but to stop at one booth that had the Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart on display – this is a new toy that will be coming out later this year and right now, we’re going to tell you what we know so far …

The Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart is a nice treat for the little ones. While they add scoops of ice cream to a neat banana-split counting tray, they will be sure to smile and giggle as it counts for them. This is the type of toy that will help build a variety of skills, like fine motor skills. For example, as they squeeze, scoop and play, they will be working on fine motor skills.

Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart

Included in the Box

With this toy, you will receive the following:

2 Counting trays

A Ball Storage Container

2 Easy-Grip Scoops

30 Foam Ice Cream Balls

An Activity Guide

The counting trays that come with the toy measures 11 ผ inches, so there’s plenty of room for your little one to scoop and count ice

Follow Directions

With the Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart, children will learn how to appropriately follow directions.

The scooper will give instructions on what to do and they will be required to follow them.

Learn about Ordering

The Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart will help teach the little one the process of ordering. As an adult, this is a process many of us know all too well. This is a skill that the little ones should learn at an early part of their life. This way, when they’re the appropriate age, they will know how to place their own order and mesmerize the waitress. This will also help improve their social skill.

Critical Thinking Skills

Another neat aspect is the fact that when little ones play with the Scoop & Learn ice cream cart, they will be using critical thinking skills. You see, they will be running their own ice cream shop – yes, it’s imagination, but they will feel as if they are special and actually running their own shop. Speaking in imagination, that is another aspect the ice cream cart will bring out in your child.

Hours of Play Time

You can rest with the satisfaction of knowing that when you get this ice cream cart for your little one, they are going to have a large amount of fun with it. In fact, it may be hours before they decide to call it a day and once they are one playing with it, they will be all tuckered out …because you know, it takes a whole lot of work when you’re running your own ice cream shop, right?


The Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart is a toy that little ones will enjoy – this is the type of toy they will wake up and want to play with.

AOLVO Kid Toy Ice Cream Cart, 39pcs Pretend Play Toy Set Candy Cart Food Dessert Cash Trolley Toys with

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Key Features:

tick [Material]: The sweet shop cart is made of safe and environmental material and has smooth edges which are BPA free, safe and durable for children to play with.
tick [Good Gift for Child]: This ice cream and candy trolley is a perfect gift for birthday, holidays, Christmas, Party Favors for boys girls toddlers ages over 3 years.
tick [Activity Toy]: Your child will love playing the ice cream store role to push the trolley any where, as friends and family wait to buy some with the included pretend coins.Promote better parent and children interaction.
tick [Education Toy]: The role play sell ice cream cart toy with musica and light can develop children's imagination, hand-eye coordination and social skills.
tick [Package Include]: The ice cream truck for kids pretent play set includes 6 PCS ice cream, 3 PCS Ice-lolly,2 PCS POP Corns,6 PCS Lollipops,3 PCS table wares,1 PCS fast food,1 PCS sandwich,1 PCS sweet,1 PCS Juice ,6 PCS coins and 9 PCS Trolley accessories.


Remember when you were a child love to eat ice cream and candy very much ? If there is an opportunity to sell them to little friends and families, it's an amazing thing.This 39 PCS Candy and Ice Cream Cart will be the best and lovely pretend play toy.Features:- Colorful ice cream,Ice-lolly,POP Corns,Lollipops,table wares,fast food,sandwich,sweet,Juice,coins and Trolley accessories,almost all the real candy cart. - Cart with light- Play nice melody- Convenient for collectingFunctions:1.Parent-child interaction-Tap children's creativity when parent take part in the interaction.2.Stimulating imagination-Simulating the trading mode,it will good for cultivating children's communication and operation ability.3.Thinking ability-Practice the logic think ability and enhance spatial perception.Package include: 1 x Kids Ice Cream Candy Cart